Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Creative Day

Another boiling day here, hope the rest of the world is having such lovely weather!

We had a trip to the 'toddler splash park' in our local park- however being school holidays it was full of running/shouting/scooter riding crazy non toddlers, so LO did not really enjoy it as he was constantly in someone's way it seemed :-( may stay away from there till september now!

Also had a trip to HobbyCraft to pick up supplies :-) I plan to try making thank you tags and also greetings cards so picked up some cards and a cute little thank you stamp! Looking forward to getting started on those. Today however I was working on a new project, a big zendoodle of my hand! As it is a pretty big piece (compared to my others!) it is still unfinished. I have been taking photos along the way so I can show you all the steps to creating it! Very excited about that.... I hope it will be ready by tomorrow night.

For now here is my latest 5" x 7" zendoodle, I really love making these sooo much! Won't say too much about Zendoodles now as that is what the hand project is all about.

Original Ink Drawing, Flowers Zendoodle 5"x7"

Well that's all for now- off to bed at a reasonable hour tonight as all of these late nights are really catching up with me now!
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Lots of love

Jo x x

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  1. Love it!
    Summer not here in Wales today - peeing down :-(
    Your newest follower.