Monday, 1 August 2011

Summer is here- Welcome August!

So today has been a total scorcher here in the UK! Lovely weather for playing in the garden in the paddling pool and sand pit yay! LO (little one- my baby ) had a friend round (and so did I!) after we all went to playgroup which was lovely. I was totally exhausted by the time friends went home, and am looking forward to sleep soon! Only problem is I tend to stay up way too late on here, Etsy, facebook and now aswell! Not to mention creating my artwork!

This is my newest listing. It is inspired by LO who adores ducks! I was very pleased that when I showed him this he made his duck noise (a very realistic version of "quack quack"- he sounds like an actual duck!), if he hadn't I would have been worried that it was rubbish ha ha :-)

Original Drawing, Mummy and Baby Ducks, 5" x 7"

Also some very exciting news about another one of my pieces today- my pink birds:

Original Drawing, Pink Birds, 5" x 7"

It has been chosen as the feature item for a new competition within one of my teams- the 'promoting creative friends' team. Basically the competition is to create a treasury featuring a particuar item, and this time it's my picture! They will all be judged and a winner picked after 12 August. This is so exciting- my picture is going to be in goodness knows how many treasuries! 2 have already been created and they are both sooo cute. I will post links here to try and get them more views and hopefully clicks too- please take a look :-D I am so excited about this, and of course extremely honoured! Thank you Audrey for choosing my work!

So all in all a lovely day had by us here- I hope you can all say the same!

Jo x x

PS please remember to look in my shop, and if you like it tell your frinds :-)  xx <3

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