Friday, 5 August 2011

My First Sale!!

Hi guys

Sorry for the gap in blogging, I have been working hard on my art- it's very easy to get swallowed by this laptop so I have been trying to keep it to a minimum while I finish my projects!

So- the big zendoodle hand is ALMOST finished- I hope to post pics on here soon!

Today I got a free spot in a BNR and made my first Etsy sale HOORAY! Now I feel like a genuine seller :-) I sold these little thank you tags which I only listed yesterday! I have now relisted them :-)

Thank You Tags- Unique Original Drawings- Dotty Birds, set of 6

So thank you Kara who I know follows this blog- not only did she give me the idea for the tags but she also ran the BNR and nudged me to get involved. Thank you Kara I owe you sooo much!

So I am now mega excited and working on more tags to list :-D

Sorry to be short and sweet but sometimes that is the best ;-)

Jo x x

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