Monday, 8 August 2011

My Hand!!

Hello everyone!

Again been busy creating for the last few days- I am having a phase of having too many ideas in my head to know what to do when I get a chance to sitt down and do some art! Crazy feeling and it is actually resulting in some annoying artists block! When that happens I have decided to make an ACEO as they are so small I don't really worry about going wrong etc. Chances are I like what I do anyway once the pressure is off!

Okay so here as promised is my zendoodle hand :-D Can you see it?! A zendoodle is basically a 'controlled doodle'- a shape divided into sections and then filled with the most crazy and random of doodles. The doodles themselves do not have to be difficult to draw, it is the overall effect which looks so intricate, difficult and complicated!

This took a good few hours to complete, and I thought I would share the progress with you!

Step 1: Draw round a side plate, place hand down then draw round hand....

Step 2: The scary bit- draw wavy lines across whole thing!

Step 3: Start doodling! This is the fun part, and from here on in I really do not know where the drawing will take me next. It is a case of, pen, paper, idea, GO!

Step 4: Keep Doodling!

Step 5: And doodling.... I really love all these tiny little spirals inside the larger spiral

Step 6: looking fuller

Step 7: I think the bit on the left (unintentionally) looks like veins! See I really have no idea what it will look like till it's happening in front of me! :-)

Step 8: I think this is my favourite section, the 'leaves'

Step 9: Keep doodling.... alomost there

Step 10: finished! (I went over the curved ines on the left to make them stand out more, that side was looking a little unfinished)

So there you have it, step by step, amost! it would be amost impossible to show you every single step! But hopefully you can see the systematic nature of the zendoodle, and how simplicity can turn into such intricacy. Have a go yourself- it is such good fun! You don't have to do something as elaborate as this, a random shape divided up can produce equally fantastic results!

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Sorry can't stay longer, all that photo uploading took ages! ;-)

Jo x x

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